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Women in Payments is a global network for women, by women. We work in a male-dominated industry, but together, we can shift that tide. We're here to help you take your career in payments further by creating a supportive and empowering community that fosters tremendous growth.

Form meaningful connections with other women in payments, gain fundamental skills, and get ahead of industry trends.

If you're an ambitious woman in payment services, card schemes, banking, treasury, or fintech, or are a woman entrepreneur, we'd love for you to join us.

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All for one. One for all. We’re a professional women's organization of ambitious women in the payments industry who share a vision of gender parity.

We empower and connect members to accelerate career growth. We are stronger together, and growing stronger still. Our network spans Canada, the US, Australia, the UK, ASEAN, with more to come.



  • "The event has a fantastic mix of career and personal development, technical expertise, and knowledge."
    2018 Canadian Symposium Attendee
  • "Fantastic- great day! One of the best conferences I've been to. Most of all, it was authentic and interesting!"
    2018 Canadian Symposium Attendee
  • "Panelists - knowledgeable, diverse, dynamic, professional! Keynote speakers - Ditto!"
    2018 Canadian Symposium Attendee
  • "I was very impressed by the caliber of the presenters and the attendees. It was a very enlightening and expanding experience."
    2018 Canadian Symposium Attendee
  • "It was like a spa day for the brain!"
    2018 UK Symposium Attendee

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