You can help us ensure women have an equal voice in the payment and fintech industry. Our Corporate Chapter Program (CCP) gives you the tools and resources you need to nurture the talented women within your own organization. 

Gender inequality in payments isn’t a woman’s issue. It’s a business issue. Greater equality means more diverse, open-minded, and innovative thinking and problem-solving. This benefits the entire organization and community we serve.

While our symposia offer incredible value, our Corporate Chapter Program empowers you to recreate the same energy and momentum year-round. Change happens day by day. By starting a corporate chapter, your organization can help lead the change.

The Corporate Chapter Program offers:

  • Monthly discussion topics with curated resources
  • The opportunity for women on your team to lead 30-minute webinars for our global membership site, helping raise their professional profiles
  • The opportunity to enter women participants* in our global mentorship program
  • Premium memberships* in our online community where users can access video content, find other career development opportunities, and network with other members
  • And more!

*Quantities depend on CCP level.


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