When you started out, did you ever wish you had someone to help guide and prepare you for a strong career path? Our women's mentoring program is your chance to fulfill that dream for another woman in payments.

By being a mentor, you’ll help guide our future payments leaders. You’ll also gain valuable insights that will help you in your own career growth, while raising your own profile.

Mentors are carefully paired with mentees from around the globe. By acting as a role model and providing guidance to a mentee on relevant career development issues, you’ll have the chance to learn about unspoken challenges facing the next generation of leaders. You’ll also gain exposure to new markets, new perspectives, and new opportunities.

Guidelines for mentors:

  • Commitment is to meet with your mentee for one hour, virtually, at least 6 times over the year
  • Mentors must have at least 3 of the following:
  • 15-20 years’ professional experience
  • No more than 3 levels below CEO
  • Significant experience at a leadership level
  • Prior successful mentoring experience

Registration for Cohort Nine closes on Tuesday, October 26, 2021.